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Ok, no one else is updating so I shall. Im just amazed right now... I just saw the new GC video, Predictable, and I cried. It was AMAZING!! Billy drew the entire set.. its like The Nightmare Before Christmas or something.. well, duh, its Billy. =) I love that song.. its so pretty!!! Oh! Billy's got a little lemonade stand and it has a jar thing on it and instead of "Tips" or something it says "Lost Hope"... AWWWLL!!!! I cant wait till the album comes out.. I HAVE to buy it. Not need, MUST. They have definatly changed, but I think they're better now.. theyre more.. I dunno.. rock-ish? Its so nifty!! I cant stop hearin that song in my head.. wow... Ok... I shall quit babbling about GC & Billy now.. Peace.

- Shaunna
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