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Billy Martin Fans


Billy Is God
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Uhm.. hey! This is yet another Billy Martin fan thingy... so yea, enjoy!

Billy Facts!!

Full Name: William Dean Martin
Contributes: Guitar
Born: 6-15-81, Annapolis Maryland
Horoscope Sign: Gemini
Nickname: Lil' Billy
Hometown: Naptown, MD
Height: 5' 11"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown, but usually a different color
Clothing: Level 27 (his own clothing line), Dickies, Puma, East Coast Clothing, Volcom, Tribal Gear
Gear: Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Mesa-Boogie Amps, Boss effect pedals
Pets: (Bunji, Sam, Cash)-Dogs, (Nelly, Nelson, Stellar)-cats, and 10 hamsters (not hundreds of them!)